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Optimus Grind Athletes are an elite group of chosen Fitness Enthusiast that have had their own body transformations and exemplify a true workout culture. These individuals do not take days off from the gym. They are not absent from their respective training facilities for weeks or months on end. They are dedicated to theirs crafts, and are relentless in their pursuits to not only attain and maintain their desired physiques, but to take them to the next level. To make it into this elite conglomerate fitness for you must not be a choice, but a way of life!


Tunde's love for fitness is derived from his tenured and highly decorated athletic background. A star-athlete at the high school, collegiate and professional levels, a resume that includes All-American Honors, and two Hall of Fame inductions, it was always imperative that Tunde's body remained in its best form. Grueling off-seasons, injury-prevention and rehabilitation were things that pushed him to become fascinated with the body and how it develops. He's been a nationally certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Director since 2012, and uses that same passion that drove him on the field, to drive his clients to reach their pinnacle!


Logan is another OGF Athlete that summons his passion for fitness from his highly celebrated athletic career. As an 8TH GRADER attending Bailey Bridge Middle School, he began playing baseball for Matoaca High School in Chesterfield, Virginia. Logan went on to play Division 1 baseball for Bowling Green State University, where he achieved a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. Since graduating from BGSU, Logan has been working professionally as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Director, and he competes in bodybuilding shows as a Men’s Physique competitor under the NPC federation!


When it comes to workout warriors there are very few people than can hold a candle to Josh. Known for his insane workouts and his freakish physique, his pictures alone speak volumes! A graduate of Norfolk State University, Josh attended school on a full-ride football scholarship. Despite his emmense talents on the gridiron, Josh really put his stamp on the Fitness game when he became one of the first OCB classic physique pro card holders. His passion for bodybuilding has only grown since then, most recently placing 1st class C, 2nd overall, 2nd novice in the NPC 2019 Lenda Murray Amateur Classic Physique Competition!


Kyng, oldest born warrior of single mother Necole Street, devotes his time to the empowerment of positive movement in society. He trains youth athletes to strengthen not only their skill but their minds as well! He owns a non-profit by the name of The Kyng Cares Foundation which allows him to give back to the community in a major way! He grew up in a small town by the name of Sparta, Ga where his grandfather at an early age taught him the value of hard work and dedication. He plans to spread these values to and and everyone who’s heart he touches through compassion and fitness!


Sarah has been consistently training since the age of 14. With that being said, she dedicates sometimes up to 20 hours a week to the sport of Powerlifting. She is currently ranked as 20th in the Nation and #1 in the State of Virginia for Powerlifting in her respective weight class. Sarah's prodigal ascension to the top ranks of powerlifting and her constant strive for progress and strength maker her a true OGF Athlete!


Trevor's uncanny work ethic and blue collar approach to fitness comes from hes rural upbringing in Beaverdam,VA. Trevor's father drove home the value of hard work through long days outside doing yard work and taking care of the homefront. That type of upbringing instilled a urge in Trevor to always stay active which lead him to pursue sports up through the collegiate level, obtain an exercise science degree and just straight up LIFT all the time! Trevor is an expert in powerlifting, weightlifting, Crossfit, as well as some bodybuilding!


Bradley grew up in Mechanicsville VA his entire life he had the mentality of hard work and determination drilled into him. He has been an athlete his whole life and has been building his physique since he was 16. Bradley was also a Tier 1 athlete and played for several nationally ranked ice hockey teams. Aside from his blue collar mentality and his athletic acumen, Bradley's biggest feat was going from 106 lbs his junior year of high school to 205 lbs currently! He has dedicated his entire life to fitness, he is currently serving active duty in the United States Marine Corps, where he is not only an infantryman but also a certified physical training instructor. Bradley is an expert in bodybuilding, posing, meal plans, as well as physical training for the military!